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Successful Gardiner’s Community Profile for Housing Affordability Released!

Updated: Apr 16, 2019

It’s no secret that affordable housing is one of the most significant issues facing our community and at the very top of our community concerns list. The lack of affordable housing is making it hard for many to live and thrive here. We know we need to find a way to deal with these challenges long term or we risk losing everything we love about Gardiner, but what can we do?

The community profile, Understanding Housing Challenges & Opportunities, is the first of four reports developed by Future West in partnership with Successful Gardiner to inform an action planning workshop in May. It lays out the scale of our challenges with affordability and builds upon the 2015 Gardiner Area Housing Plan. The community profile report includes a great deal of information about the factors influencing the costs and availability of housing in Gardiner. We encourage you to learn about our community’s trends and the strategies in our housing plan.

Later this month we will be offering a webinar that will showcase how different communities in the West are taking action to address the same kinds of housing challenges we are facing. Don’t miss it! Finally, we have also uploaded two affordable housing toolkits to the Project Documents on our website.

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