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New Report: Gardiner's Operating System & Webinar

Read the latest Successful Gardiner Community Profile: How Things Get Done in Gardiner and Options for the Future and join the webinar April 29th.

Because Gardiner is unincorporated, functions that a municipality normally does – what one might call a community’s “operating system” – are quite decentralized. Gardiner’s operating system encompasses both infrastructure and services, things like roads, water, wastewater, emergency services, health and human services, and garbage disposal and recycling. These functions are performed by an array of entities, from Park County to individual taxing districts.

This Community Profile describes those functions – who carries them out and how they are paid for. It does not include the local and state education system, which are independent taxing districts and will be covered in the next section of the Community Profile. Instead, we explore these options:

  • Change nothing; keep the operating system as it exists.

  • Work with the Park County Commissioners to create and adopt a land use plan and accompanying zoning district for Gardiner.

  • Incorporate as a municipality. The approach to this could vary; a newly incorporated Town of Gardiner could assume many of the functions of its operating system or very little.

Join Randy Carpenter of Future West and Dan Clark, Director of the Local Government Center at Montana State University, for a discussion on local governance systems today. Mr. Clark will provide his perspective on local governance, based on years of experience working with Montana communities, large and small, incorporated and unincorporated.

Webinar #2 | Gardiner's Operating System - How Things Get Done in Gardiner and Options for the Future

April 29th

12:00 -1:00 pm

Register here

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